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Featured Speakers

Emmanuel Jimenez

Director General, Independent Evaluation Department
Asian Development Bank

Eram Rao

Professor, Department of Food Technology, Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences
Delhi University (India)

Esther Kimani

Farmer Lifeline Technologies

Farrah Barrios

Director for Global Food Security and Development Planning
The White House, NSC

Fiona Lynn

Director, Agricultural Development and Food Security Section, Climate Diplomacy and Development Finance Division,
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia

Francesco Valente

Investment Director
Global Innovation Fund

Geoffry Smith

EXCO President, Southeast Asia Region
International Life Sciences Institute

Ghulam Ali

Chairman, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Pakistan

Gi Soon Song

Director, Human and Social Development Sector Office, Sectors Group
Asian Development Bank

Giap Minh Bui

Principal Natural Resources and Agriculture Economist
Asian Development Bank