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Deep Dive Session 1.4: Regional/Country Digital Sessions & Case Studies

04:00 pm - 05:30 pm
Auditorium 1: Digitalization

This session will discuss various case studies on digital technologies and innovations in agriculture.


Monica Petri, Senior Natural Resources and Agriculture Specialist, ADB


  • Papa New Guinea - Regina Nukundj, Senior Food Security Policy Officer, Department of Agriculture and Livestock PNG 
  • Papa New Guinea - Emily Schmidt, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI 
  • Paolo Manunta, Senior Digital Technology Specialist, ADB  
  • Annelies Deuss, Senior Agricultural Policy Analyst, OECD  
  • India - Prakash Jayaram, Partner Technology Consulting, E Ernst & Young.  
  • India - Bertram D’souza, Chief Product and Innovation Officer, Protean eGov Technologies Ltd.  


Annelies Deuss

Senior Agricultural Policy Analyst

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Bertram D’souza

Chief Product & Innovation Officer

Protean eGov Technologies Ltd.

Emily Schmidt

Senior Research Fellow

International Food Policy Research Institute

Monica Petri

Senior Natural Resources and Agriculture Specialist

Asian Development Bank

Paolo Manunta

Senior Digital Technology Specialist

Asian Development Bank

Prakash Jayaram

Partner, Technology Consulting

Ernst & Young

Regina Nukundj

Senior Food Security Policy Office

Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Papua New Guinea

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